Mobile Horses: Feeding On The Road

Kate Considine, who owns hunter/jumper show barn Willow Brook Stables and travels throughout the country from her home base of Lake View Terrace, Calif., makes it a point to find comparable feed and hay wherever she takes her stable in order to minimize stress on her horses.

“Normally, feed stores carry the same products,” she said. “If you give them a heads up, they can get what you need.”

For example, when traveling on the East Coast, Considine often finds the hay to be much richer than what is available in California. Because of this, she seeks out a dry timothy hay, which is more similar to what her horses eat at home.

She also emphasized the importance of doing research prior to leaving for the show and starting the search for similar products early.

“The key is getting in touch with the resources in the area you’re going to and doing your homework early. If you wait until you get there you’re too late,” she said.

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Reprinted with permission from The Chronicle of the Horse.