1. Katalina Rickard and Balletomane Top USEF Standings

    Congratulations to Katalina and Balletomane! As of August 10, 2018, Micaela Kennedy’s Balletomane with Katalina Rickard in the irons jumped their way to first in National Standing points in the Small Junior Hunter 3’3” 15 & Under section!


  2. Showpark Racing Festival

    We had a great week at Showpark Racing Special!!!

    Kata & Balletomane were Champion in the Jr Hunters! Kata also won the 3’3″ Junior Hunter Classic aboard Brooke Mostman’s Skywalker!

    Harriet & Leonetti were Champion in the  AA Hunters!

    Kata & Elite Hollywood Smoke took home Reserve Champion in the Pony Hunter Division!

    Jen & First And Goal earned Championship in the  AA Hunters!!

    Island Time was Champion in the Green Hunter Division!!

    Izzy won aboard all her rides in the Hunters, Equation and Jumpers!!

    Harriet’s Juno was Reserve Champion in the Low Hunter Division!!

    Ann’s My Hero earned great ribbons in the Low’s & Green Hunter Divisions!

    Such a fun week!!

  3. West Coast Junior Hunter Finals

    We had a great West Coast Junior Hunter Final!!!

    Balletomane & Katalina Rickard were Reserve Champions in the Small Junior Hunters 3’3″ AND Grand Reserve Champions Overall Junior Hunters 3’3″!!

    Breeze & Isabele Coxe were 5th overall in the Large Junior Hunters 3’6″!!

    Masterpass & Katalina Rickard were 10th overall in the Large Junior Hunters 3’3″!!!

  4. Blenheim June Classic

     What an amazing three weeks at Blenhiem!!! Some of our highlights included Stephanie & Juno- Champion WCHR week and High Point adults rider!! Kata & Balletomane- Champion & Classic winner week 3, Reserve Champion week 2, Reserve Champion & Classic week 1!!! Tessa & Rose Gold- Champion Green West Coast Pony Challenge, Reserve Champion- Medium Week 2!! Tessa & Elite Hollywood Smoke High point medium in the Derby!! Kata & Masterpass taking great ribbons in the Eq!! Kim & Island Time with great rounds in the AA’s!! Steph & Primetime scoring all rounds in the 80s!!! Izzy staying competitive with Cluny & Breeze in the juniors!! Izzy with Alley Oop top rounds in the Eq!! Ann & My Hero moving up a division with fantastic results! My Hero also moved up to the 3 foot greens with fantastic ribbons both weeks!! So proud of this wonderful group!! Congratulations to all!!


  5. Showpark Ranch & Coast

    Ranch & Coast, the last show of spring comes to a end. Stephanie Goodson and Primetime were Champions Adult Amateur Hunters! Tessa Buchanan and Rose Gold won the Pony Classic! Kata Rickard and Rose Gold were Reserve Champions in the Green Pony division. Harriet Posner and Leonetti, and Jen Rawlings and First & Goal had top ribbons in the Adult Amateur Huntes. Kata & Izzy moved up to the 3’6″ Equitation with great results! Kata and Izzy were also competitive in the Junior Hunters. Now time for some R&R!

  6. Del Mar National Horse Show

    Tessa Buchanan and Elite Hollywood Smoke were Champion in the Medium Ponies. Tessa also won classes on Rose Gold! Kata and Rosecroft Luck Girl were Reserve Champions in the Medium Ponies! Kata received scores in the 80’s with Highlight and Balletomane in the Low Juniors, and were also 11th in the National Hunter Derby! Stephanie Goodson and Primetime won classes in the Adult Amateur Hunters! Izzy received scores in the 80’s aboard Cluny and Breeze in the Juniors! Izzy was also very competitive with Alley Oop in the Equitation!

  7. Flintridge 97th Annual Show

    What a week of showing at Flintridge 97th Annual Show!

    Kata and Balletomane were Champions in the Juniors. Izzy won with both Breeze and Cluny in the Juniors and was Reserve Champion with Cluny! Tessa was Champion and Best Pony Rider with Rose Gold! Kim and Island Time won in the AA’s! Island Time was Champion in the Green Hunters! Kata and Incroyable winning the PCHA and Onondarka Trophies! Kata and Highlight finished 3rd in their first Classic with the top score of the class – an 85!

  8. Blenheim Spring Classic 4

    The Blenheim Spring Shows are a wrap! Huge congrats to Tori and Batman who were Champions their first time in the Adult Amateur Hunters. Tessa and Elite Hollywood Smoke were Champions the Medium Ponies. Kata & Ophelia picked up Champion Green Pony. Kata and Balletomane were Reserve Champion in the Juniors! Kim and Island Time stepped up to the A/As and won a class with an 83! Steph and Primetime won in the AA’s! Hannah and Ironman were great in the A/O’s! Harriet was super consistent on both Leonetti and Juno! Congrats to all!

  9. Blenheim Spring Classic 3

    What a beautiful week at Blenhiem WCHR Week!! Harriet and Leonetti were Reserve Champions in the Adult Amateur Hunters! Tessa was Champion in the Medium Pony Hunters with Elite Hollywood Smoke! Tessa and Rose Gold were Champions in the Green Pony Hunters! Hannah and Ironman were Classic Winners and Reserve Champions in the Amateur Owner Hunters. Gable and Autobahn were Reserve Champions in the Modified Children’s Hunters. Kata rode A Wink and A Smile to the Reserve Championship in the Green Ponies! Steph picked up a catch ride on Prosecco with scores of 84 & 83!! Izzy had competitive rounds in the Juniors and Equitation. Kim and Island Time had top ribbons in the Low AA’s!

  10. HITS Coachella Desert Circuit VIII

    Hail to the Champions!! HITS Winter Circuit has come to an end with great results!!

    Kata & Balletomane – Reserve Champion, Half-Circuit Champion and Grand Champion in the 3’3″ Junior Hunters

    Hannah & Ironman – Classic Winner, Half-Circuit Champion, Grand Reserve Champion in the Amateur Owner Hunters

    Tessa & Elite Hollywood Smoke – Champion, Half-Circuit Champion, Grand Champion Pony Equitation

    Tessa & Rose Gold – Champion, Half-Circuit Champion, Grand Champion in the Green Pony Hunters

    Kim & Island Time – Grand Reserve Champion in the Modified Adult Amateur Hunter

    Jen & First & Goal – Half Circuit Champion in the Adult Amateur Hunters

    Izzy & Breeze – 3rd in the Junior Hunter Classic

    Izzy & Cluny – 3rd Best in the Junior Huntesr

    Izzy & Alley Oop – Top ribbons in the Equitation.

    Stephanie also finished strong in the Adult Amateur Hunters!

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